Around the world tour, is a dream of dream. But we wanted to make it someday though it is difficult to carry out. If it's possible....our honeymoon is the first and last chance! It's now or never!

memorial shot
with the Statue of Liberty
Well, what is "around the world tour "? Where and how should we travel? Should we travel along the equator? Should we travel all nations? So,around the world tour is nothing but a concept, it doesn't have its substance. In that case do it in our own way!

Then,we decided the minimum requirements. They are...
1.Tickets are all one way tickets.
2.A given period of time is 2 months.
3.Travelling expenses are less than 2,000,000 yen.
4.Visit our foreign friends.
...We made it nearly as we thought.

Then....Let's Go!!!